The BEST Way to Sell Your House

It sounds crazy...

The idea that you could be moving a lot sooner than expected, enjoying the next chapter of your life in a new place, with money from your old house right in your bank account.

Or maybe you're thinking of selling off a rental property.

Rather than finding renters and worrying what damage may happen, you could have that money in your bank account ready to spend on a vacation, or to help out the kids.

No more ...
 - waiting around for buyers,
 - carrying an extra mortgage,
 - paying for utilities while the house sits vacant
 - or putting your new life on hold while your place sits on the market with hundreds of others.

Instead, you could be moving on with the sale of your property behind you.

I know, because it happened for me.

My name is Sharon, and my husband and I recently sold a house and - with the current economy - were relieved to have that money in our own pockets instead of tied up in a property that could decline in value.

No one wants to end up 'underwater' with a mortgage, stuck with a house the bank won't let them sell.

And no one wants to work to make payments on a mortgage worth more than the house itself.

Or worse, to have a house foreclosed on, and not recover any of your investment.

No, better to have the mortgage paid off and cash from your investment in your hands, so you can move forward with your life and do things you want.

Maybe you will reinvest in another house, use the funds to retire and become a 'snowbird, or downsize once the kids are gone.

Whatever you decide, the choice is yours once the place is sold.

Let me introduce you to some people who are enjoying life more as a result of selling their homes.

* Della recently sold her two bedroom condo and downsized to save money. 

With her lower payments, she has been able to work part-time instead of full-time, and care for her grandchildren 3 days a week to help out her daughter.

* Jeana and her husband recently sold their adult living condo and moved back into a house. 

They now enjoy more privacy, room for their adult children to visit, and a basement suite to rent out for extra income.

* Helen and her husband recently sold their expensive executive home to buy a smaller acreage close to the city. 

After fixing up and 'flipping' a number of houses to earn income, they finally chose this place to settle and call their own. Now they don't worry when housing prices change.

But how is it possible to sell your property faster?

The same techniques used by TOP earning real estate agents can work for you.

It doesn't matter if you are selling privately or using a real estate agent, the same principles can be employed to gain an edge when selling.

Let me explain how the BEST way to sell your house works.

While your home may be familiar to you, most buyers will want it like 'new' to them.

I say most because some buyers may be looking for a bargain to fix up, but those folks generally buy for as low a price as possible.

People willing to pay top price will be those who fall in love with your place, and really MUST have it.

And what makes people fall in love?

A place that speaks to their dreams, and suits their lifestyle.

A place where they feel at home as soon as they walk in.

A place that has that 'special something' about it.

We all know how that feels, but how do you make it happen?

Home Staging.

Those beautiful photos of homes you see in magazines are an example of what staging can do.

We give that show home look to houses just like yours.

Only there's more.

Not only do we strive to make it beautiful, we do it with the most likely type of buyer in mind that will want your house.

We arrange it to make a strong first impression, because potential buyers only spend about 6 or 7 minutes looking through a house.

That's right, so we have to quickly make them take notice.

However, we are not selling them the decor!

We know it is the property for sale not the furniture, so we intentionally draw attention to what is special about the house: stunning views, fireplaces, architectural features, countertops, cabinetry, flooring.