Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Which homes benefit from staging?

A: Staged homes compete better with other properties in their price range, no matter whether that range is high or low. So most real estate can benefit from staging.

Q: Why choose Little City Staging?

A: We carefully come up with a unique plan for your home and belongings, there is no cookie-cutter formula. Each situation differs, and we stage to show off the special features of your property keeping in mind the type of buyer it will attract.

Q: If my home is already decorated, how will staging help?

A: People decorate their homes to fit their own lifestyle, while stagers consider the profile of potential buyers and what they desire.

Q: What training do you have?

A: Our staging is supervised by a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) who has completed and successfully passed all exams required to use this designation. Marks must exceed 75% to qualify.

Q: Can staging save money?

A: Yes, stagers make recommendations that prevent buyer negotiation on fixable problems, which can avoid markdowns worth thousands of dollars. They may also advise against costly changes that are not needed.

Q: Should I stage at the beginning, or wait and see if it's necessary?

A: Buyers and agents who view your property unstaged may not return, so waiting to stage may result in more carrying costs (mortgage, utilities) because unstaged properties take longer on average to sell.

Q: How much does staging cost?

A: Staging can cost less than 0.3% of the value of your property, providing a great return on investment.  Improvements can often be made using what you already own, but we can also provide rental accessories or furniture needed.

Q: Can I help to stage?

A: Little City Staging welcomes homeowners to participate in the staging process, so you can help us if you wish.  Because it is  difficult to be objective about your own belongings, a stager guides the process.

Q: Would you help me rearrange my home, even if I am not selling?

A: Yes, we would be happy to rearrange key rooms of your home using similar techniques we use for staging to achieve a great new look!

Studies show that staged homes sell faster and for more money on average.